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Individual Ads

  • The charge for an Individual ad is $60.00 per ad per month (one Emergency Department or Urgent Care location) • There is a minimum 3-month posting3-month total $180.00 commitment.
  • 6-month posting option - Post an ad for 6 months and receive a 10% discount off the usual chargeThe usual charge for 6 months is $360.00. The discounted charge is $324.00..
  • 6-month posting option with a Top of the List upgrade - Post an ad for 6 months with a State Top of the ListTop of the List ads ALWAYS appear in one of the positions at the top of the page and also in the random list for the State being searched - dual listing. For more information, see details below upgrade (see upgrade descriptions below) for a 20% discount off the usual chargeThe usual charge for a 6-month listing PLUS Top of the List is $510.00. The discounted charge is $408.00. on the combination.
  • You may choose the basic 3-month posting option with or without an upgrade OR the 6-month posting option with or without the upgrade for the discounted rate when you enter the credit card information.
  • Easy job ad posting option - Click HereSubmit an ad and credit card info to see your ad online TODAY to submit a single ad directly online.
    Then to complete the ad submission process, enter your credit card payment information at a secure site. Your credit card will be billed after you have had an opportunity to approve the ad as it appears on the EDphysician.com site. If you have any questions about submitting your ad online, please email info@edphysician.com

    There is also an email ad submission option below.

  • The maximum word count per ad is 250 words. Revisions may be made at any time.
  • Advertising Tip: Job-seekers who come to EDphysician.com tend to be browsing for a new or first job. Potential candidates tend to scan ads looking for key information. Concise ads formatted to present this info in an easy-to-read format tend to get attention and receive responses. Please go to the site to see examples or send an email to info@edphysician.com if you would like suggestions.

  • Low cost packages for Recruiters & Contract Groups

  • Rates for bulk (flat-rate) advertising
  • For 5 to 10 ads $175.00 per month
  • For up to 15 ads $200.00 per month
  • For up to 25 ads $225.00 per month
    The fee for each 25 ad allotment above the basic 25 ads is $150.00 per month.
    The fee for each 50 ad allotment above the basic 25 ads is $225.00 per month.

  • Note - please read before sending your ad: The $60.00 per month rate applies only to an ad for jobs in one location (Emergency Department or Urgent Care facility). Please inquire regarding rates for an ad advertising multiple locations in a single ad or a general ad at the email address below. We will work with you to post the most effective ad at the best rate.

    Email your ads or questions to info@edphysician.com

    Send your ad(s) as an email message or MS Word document attachment to the above email address. Multiple ads may be submitted as a single email message or single MS Word document. There is also a bulk submission option available using an Excel spreadsheet.

    If you have questions, please email info@edphysician.com or call 865-249-6308.

    Upgrades Available

    Featured Job State Featured Jobs
    Advertisers who post a Featured Job get a full page of advertising on the Site with links from the home page, the jobs page and the basic ad for the location. The ad is of the display type with job information, facility information and limited location info, plus up to 3 images. A logo will be included, if available.
    There will be only 1 Featured Job for each State.
    Click here to see an example of the new Featured Job format.

    The charge for the Featured Jobs page is $115.00 per ad per month above the $60.00 per month for the basic listing and requires a minimum 3-month posting. Layout and design will be done by EDphysician.com.

    Directorship Area - Ads for Director's, Assistant Director's or EMS Director's jobs may be posted to the dedicated Directorship page. These ads will also appear under the State listings with a special graphic denoting that the position being advertised is for Director. The charge for this premium service is $20.00 per month per ad in addition to the basic ad listing fee.

    Banner Advertising
    The number of banner ads on the site is limited to a total of twelve. Banners appear on the busy pages on the site and are rotated monthly - $50.00 per month for a banner

    Priority Job Priority Listing
    The highest visibility on the site is in the "Priority Listing" area. The ads in the Priority Listing area are viewed before any of the regular listings - All job-seekers see the Priority Listings. The charge for a Priority Lisiting is $105.00 per ad per month above the $60.00 per month for the basic listing (maximum word count for these ads is 200 words) Priority Listings may be month-to-month or for multiple months. The number of ads in this area is limited to a total of 10 at any one time. Here is the link to the Priority Listing area

    Top of List "Top of the List" Placement
    The Listing of ads for each State is in random order, which changes with each new search.
    For greater exposure you may post your ad at the Top of the List for the State. The ad will appear as one of the Top Listings and also in the random listings for the State. The fee for this premium placement area is an extra $25.00 per month.

    Multiple site advertising
    Bulk advertisers who post ads to HospitalistJobs.com will receive a discount for posting to EDphysician.com.

    Send advertisements or questions to info@edphysician.com, or call 865-249-6308.

    Jobs are generally posted to EDphysician.com within 24 hours of being received on business days - you will receive a link to your ad.

    Payment for Services: Invoices - Email Invoices will be sent on or about the middle of each month. Two forms of payment are accepted.
  • Checks or Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Credit Card - Card information may be entered into a secure site on the Internet. After the ad has been posted you will receive a link to the ad. Your card will be billed after you have an opportunity to review the ad.

  • About us
    EDphysician.com has been online since 1996 and, with more than 1,600 ads posted to the site, is the largest Emergency Department/Urgent Care job site on the web. This site is affiliated with the HospitalistJobs.com, and EDMidLevels.com sites.
    The site is a pay-per-click advertiser on the following search engines, giving it a prominent position on in the search listings: Google, Yahoo! and Bing

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